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New thermal power plants will aggravate Vidarbha farm crisis: Study

Aug 08, 2012
Large clusters of coal-fired power plants proposed in Maharashtra's Vidarbha - known for farmers' suicides - may bring down the fu...

In conversation: Apurva, No Nasties

Jul 02, 2012
No Nasties is a T-shirt brand that is 100 percent organic, and which endorses fair trade. Launched in April 2011, No Nasties is fa...

Bt cotton has benefited farmers greatly, says study

Jun 08, 2012
Cotton production in India has risen with the use of the hybrid Bt cotton seeds, benefitting farmers and helping the country to be...

Women central to agrarian and rural economy: MS Swaminathan

May 21, 2012
Women farmers will determine India's agrarian and rural economy in the years to come, and the government must have a centrally-spo...