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How can you overcome common sales objections?

Aug 16, 2013
In the course of your entrepreneurial journey, you might come across several objections to sales. You must learn to overcome them,...

Six tips to improve your credibility

Feb 18, 2013
Building credibility with your investors, customers and the world at large is a step towards success. The better the credibility o...

Ten tips for an effective cold call

Feb 11, 2013
Cold calling prospective customers can be a challenge, considering that you do not know the prospect, and there is no guarantee th...

Chinese goods impacting Meerut sports goods hub

Feb 06, 2013
The availability of Chinese products is adversely affecting the sports goods industry in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

Six factors to consider for a good business location

Feb 05, 2013
The importance of choosing a good location for your business cannot be stressed enough. A perfect location can work wonders for yo...

‘Low social media awareness in Indian SMEs’

Jan 29, 2013
Branding is an essential component for the growth of a business, but most SMEs ignore it as it is costly. However, there are certa...

Considering a unique business card design?

Jan 04, 2013
Are you one of those entrepreneurs who expects a business card to be very unusual? Do you dream of your business cards being total...

Five tips to help you acquire customers

Dec 21, 2012
Customers are the life-line of a business. Without them, there is no business. Here are five tips on how you can go about acquirin...

PHD-PITEX 2012 response encourages Pak traders

Dec 12, 2012
Motivated by the response received at PHD-PITEX 2012, in Amritsar, India, Pakistan's traders now want to attend trade fairs elsewh...

SME Sauda: The online marketplace for India's SMEs

Oct 16, 2012
Be it in the national capital Delhi or another remote corner in the country, SMEs will need the best in class products for their b...