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Barcodes will enhance your products' visibility

Dec 10, 2012
MSMEs rolling out products should use barcodes to give them a unique, global, ID. A not-for-profit standards body in India, GS1, c...

Five distinct advantages for SMEs in retail

Dec 06, 2012
The Indian retail sector has scaled impressive heights with the advent of chain stores, new high streets and the creation of malls...

Understanding customer experience vital for retailers' growth

Oct 12, 2012
India’s evolving retail market needs to innovate to understand customer behaviour. Lokvir Kapoor started Pine Labs in 2004 in a ...

Big farm lobbies favor FDI in multi-brand retail

Sep 26, 2012
Big farm lobbies in India, where agriculture accounts for 16 percent of the country’s GDP and 10 percent of its export earnings,...

FDI in retail a mixed bag in India

Sep 21, 2012
It is a mixed bag as far as reactions to government decisions, to permit foreign direct investments into multi-brand retail and tw...

'FDI in multi-brand retail to force traders to take the extreme step'

Sep 21, 2012
India’s decision to allow foreign direct investment, to the tune of 51 percent, into multi-brand retail could serve a death knel...

Andhra Pradesh to reduce VAT on textile sales to one percent

Sep 06, 2012
The Andhra Pradesh government has taken a decision to reduce the rate of value added tax (VAT) on the sale of textiles in that sta... Anything and everything for kids

Dec 07, 2012
Vijay Jumani, founder and CEO of, believes that the internet is now becoming a preferred destination for shoppers. He f...

i2cook: Offering organic food

Dec 06, 2012
A venture started by Megha and Pawan Deokule in 2011, i2cook creates organic retail packaged products, which are available across ...

Brown Tree: The health food store

Oct 04, 2012
Brown Tree is a chain of health food stores, located in Bangalore and Chennai. Started in July 2009, it is the brainchild of Abhin...