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4 reasons why SMEs should consider the BYOD option

May 09, 2013
Today a number of smaller and mid-sized organizations have begun to consider BYOD as an option. We believe that if implemented pro...

Nine tips to be productive while working from home

Mar 27, 2013
Running your small business from home is indeed a fantastic idea in theory, but one that often fast begins to lose its charm when ...

Why shouldn’t you block social media use?

Mar 01, 2013
Many firms block their employees from social media platforms like blogs, Facebook and Twitter. The major reasons behind this are a...

Why do firms block social media sites?

Feb 28, 2013
As much as social media is effective in marketing and spreading the word about a business, its misuse can spell disaster for a fir...

How can your desk impact your productivity?

Feb 22, 2013
Having the right kind of desk at work is something that is crucial, but often not given the importance it deserves. An improper de...

Nagpur pulses hub seeks govt help

Feb 21, 2013
Lack of state government support is hampering the smooth flow of work in the pulses processing units in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

10 time wasters an entrepreneur should avoid

Feb 20, 2013
There are hundreds of things that demand an entrepreneur’s attention every single day. Many of these things are pressing in urge...

Bhavnagar plastic hub in dire straits

Feb 13, 2013
The absence of high-quality looms in the plastic manufacturing industry in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, has been affecting productivity. Th...

Three web-based tools to improve productivity

Jan 29, 2013
Technological advances have made remote work and virtual teams feasible. Business processes are allowing companies to mix and ma...

The effects of Internet abuse at the workplace

Jan 15, 2013
‘Internet abuse’ can broadly be defined as the inappropriate use of the Internet at the workplace. It can have significant eff...