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Ten tips to work well under pressure

Jun 14, 2013
The work of an entrepreneur never ends. The 24/7 job of an entrepreneur is always fraught with pressure, requiring him to multi-ta...

Six tips for effective selling

Feb 27, 2013
Selling is an art. Effective selling takes a lot of understanding, perception, determination and practice. SupportBiz presents six...

Rupee falls to below 56 against dollar

Jul 10, 2012
The Indian rupee slipped below 56 against the dollar on July 9, the lowest level in more than a week, tracing similar weakness in ...

Women central to agrarian and rural economy: MS Swaminathan

May 21, 2012
Women farmers will determine India's agrarian and rural economy in the years to come, and the government must have a centrally-spo...

India at risk of return to rising inflation: Morgan Stanley

May 04, 2012
India faces a very high risk of a return to rising inflation with the government continuing with its spending spree and the centra...

'India aiming to be among top five aviation markets'

Mar 15, 2012
Aviation industry in India under pressure.