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Ludhiana desperately needs large scale waste-water treatment

Oct 12, 2012
The Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) is blaming industrial units, including dyeing units, in Ludhiana for contaminating the S...
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Nualgi Nano Biotech builds solution to improve water quality

Aug 24, 2012
Nualgi Nano Biotech (NNB), a low profile biotech company here, is helping Americans to clean up polluted lakes. A three-acre Duck ...

Making a difference: Krya

Aug 22, 2012
The brainchild of Preethi Sukumaran and Srinivas Krishnaswamy, Krya was launched in September 2011. Chennai-based Krya prides itse...

WB govt orders closure of 10 sponge iron units

Jun 19, 2012
The West Bengal government has ordered 10 sponge iron units in Burdwan district to be closed down for flouting pollution norms, an...