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"SMEs are seeking transparent value"

Feb 18, 2013
In a country known for software services rather than software product development, one brand stands out–Tally, the accounting so...

BUSY: Accounting software for everyone

Feb 05, 2013
In an exclusive discussion with SupportBiz, Varun Yadav, Senior Manager - Marketing & International Business, Busy Infotech, spoke...

‘Music can drive the mobile content space’

Jan 25, 2013
The mobile applications industry in India is abuzz with changes now. Many new players are entering the market, and existing firms ...

Piracy Impacts On Innovation And Investments In Publishing Sector: Study

Jul 10, 2014
The study highlights the fact that lower industry revenue leads to lower tax revenue for the government. It estimates that there w...

Indian rice exports to China to begin soon

Jun 21, 2012
India's rice exports to China have been virtually cleared. The assurance from Beijing came when Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Sin...

Security and collaboration are mutually conflicting: Seclore CEO

May 15, 2012
Vishal Gupta, CEO of information security services provider Seclore Technology, shared insights about running a business. In an ex...