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No takers for state's Rural Business Hubs scheme

Dec 11, 2012
India, where 69 percent of the population lives in rural regions, has terminated a scheme aimed to boost cottage industry and rura...

Training and grants: Government schemes for women entrepreneurs

Sep 06, 2012
It is estimated that around 20 percent of the MSMEs in India are promoted by women. The Government of India has made special provi...

NMCP Initiative: Making Indian MSMEs competitive

Sep 03, 2012
Manufacturing is an important sector of India's economy. It accounts for 17 percent of the country's GDP. The SME sector contribut...

Funds for MSMEs under-utilized: RK Mathur

Aug 07, 2012
India's 12th Five-Year Plan is still in the process of finalization and the MSME Ministry is open to new ideas, said RK Mathur, Se...

Tourism sector to focus on skill, capacity development

Apr 23, 2012
As proposed by the working group on tourism constituted by the Planning Commission for the 12th Five-Year Plan, more focus will be...

India's failure to address 'green' issues could slow growth

Apr 17, 2012
The Indian government's failure to formulate effective policies to address environmental issues would risk causing economic growth...

India worried about storage of bumper crop

Apr 16, 2012
The problem of plenty is once again troubling the Indian government, as it does not know where to store the bumper grains to be ha...

Interest rate subsidy likely for for iron ore processing

Mar 27, 2012
The steel ministry is soon expected to come out with an interest rate subsidy scheme for iron ore processing and introducing energ...

15 percent annual growth for MSMEs in 12th Five-year plan

Feb 27, 2012
Ministry should concentrate on six major issues, says MSME secretary.