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How to get the most out of employee training

Feb 15, 2013
The importance of employee training for a business cannot be emphasised enough. Providing training is a great way to boost the mor...

Ten marketing tips for SMEs

Feb 13, 2013
Good marketing is an essential step towards building a brand, towards making the world aware of the existence of a firm and in mak...

Five tips to set effective goals

Dec 07, 2012
Goal-setting is a very important aspect of running a business. Both long-term and short-term goals provide direction to the busine...

RBI moots PPI to measure inflation accurately

Jul 18, 2012
The Reserve Bank of India has mooted a producer price index (PPI) that would be able to measure inflation more accurately. Accordi...

Trawling ban to come into effect in Kerala from June 14

Jun 14, 2012
An annual trawling ban, starting from June 14 till July 31, would be effected along the Kerala coast up to 12 nautical miles into ...