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Ten tips to appreciate your employees

Jan 16, 2013
Employee appreciation is a major aspect of employee motivation. Communicating often to your employees that you value them and appr...

Top ten reasons for employees to quit their jobs

Dec 20, 2012
Employees leave their jobs for several reasons, some personal and some professional. An understanding of the major reasons for emp...

Job scheme wreaks havoc on India's labour market

Jun 14, 2012
The Indian government’s marquee job guarantee scheme,the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, is distorting l...

Job hunters, HR Managers Converging On Social Media: Survey

Jun 17, 2016
HR managers looked into LinkedIn and/or Facebook or Twitter to have an idea about the candidates, the social media is also being u...

ISHRAE Announces Its Expansion In Skill Development, Launches Job Junction

Jan 06, 2016
Job junction has organized several employer - student engagements programs across cities scheduled to take place in Delhi, Kolkata...

SAP Leverages Cricket To Help Unemployed Youth

Mar 30, 2015
This adoption of technology in ICC Cricket World Cup has been a huge trigger for the youth

What do employees really want from their work?

Dec 05, 2012
Human resources are one of the most important assets of any business. No business organisation – small or big – can grow or sc...

How to hire and retain the right employees

Oct 18, 2012
Efficient, reliable and sincere employees are one of the secrets of success of any business organisation. However, to find such em...