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ReStor: An initiative to restore data and hard drives

Jul 19, 2013
After spending more than 27 years in the storage drive industry, Sharad Srivastava recently ventured into a new business, ReStor.

What can you do with old computing equipment?

Mar 12, 2013
Firms in India generate a lot of e-waste, i.e. electronic equipment that is outdated and can no longer be used. It is essential to...

Nine tips to reduce your e-waste

Dec 14, 2012
Electronic products whose life span is over; which are no longer useful are termed ‘e-waste’. Most of these products contain t...

3 Benefits of E-Waste Management Small Businesses Should Know

Jul 06, 2018
Most of the non-reclaimed e waste is disposed through environmentally hazardous methods, causing air, and water and soil pollution...

How the Netherlands Is Helping India In Waste Management

Jun 02, 2015
Currently, 15% waste is being treated and managed but in the next four years the government wants to take it to has pledged to tre...

Four ways to extract cost savings from E-waste

Aug 29, 2012
With garbage piled high in every street corner it is impossible to hide from the mounds of unsegregated rubbish and ignore grave r...

MAIT demands clarity on e-waste management rules

Aug 21, 2012
The Manufacturers’ Association for IT (MAIT) has urged the Ministry of Environment & Forests to address the hindrances in the su...