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KraftInn: Upholding the North-east Indian culture

Dec 03, 2012
KraftInn is a venture based in Jorhat, Assam, a place where people can get a little bit of the unique North-east Indian culture an...

Tupples: A one-stop pet store

Nov 27, 2012
New Delhi-based Tupples is a one-stop shop for everything a pet owner might need. They stock everything from food to toys to train...

Ten tips for a stress-free holiday season

Nov 27, 2012
As a small business owner, it is understandable that you stretch yourself to your limits every single day, facing the challenges o...

In conversation: Sudeepta Sanyal of The Blueberry Trails

Oct 30, 2012
Thanks to her army-kid background, travel has always been an intrinsic part of Sudeepta Sanyal’s life. She learnt to explore pla...

Agri startup tempts America with Indian jackfruit products

Oct 26, 2012
US-based Global Village Fruits is committed to making jackfruit products available internationally. Incorporated in Massachusetts,...

Sunohre Technologies: Offering lead generation solutions

Oct 18, 2012
Bangalore-based Sunohre Technologies provides lead generation solutions that help companies across India identify and target new c...

Fresko: Creating customized wall murals

Oct 15, 2012
Mumbai-based Fresko Graffiti Studio is a student start-up, founded by a group of four friends – all painters with a creative tou...

Shop for quirk and parties at Pyjama Party

Oct 12, 2012
Pune-based Pyjama Party is a retail store for various kinds of quirky stuff and party requirements. It also provides event man...
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The Egg Factory: Serving eggitarians in Bangalore

Oct 11, 2012
The Egg Factory is a Bangalore-based chain of eateries that offers an array of dishes revolving around the humble egg. The eatery,...

Happily Unmarried: Selling quirk and fun

Oct 09, 2012
Happily Unmarried was conceived of and created by two MICA post-graduates, Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand, in the year 2003. The firm ...