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India Offers Biz Opportunities For Turkish Companies In Food Industry

Sep 07, 2015
As one of the largest producers of foodgrains, fruits and vegetables, India offers huge investment opportunities, says finance min...

Russian Companies Want To Invest In India

Jun 19, 2015
Russian companies to participate in sectors such as nuclear energy, renewable energy, oil and gas and defence manufacturing.

Afghanistan Reconnected: ‘Businesses Take Action to Unlock Trade in the Region’

Jun 12, 2015
FICCI has been working pro-actively with Afghanistan both bilaterally and multilaterall

The Art of Faking In Business Terms

Jun 10, 2015
A lot of times, investment word is used to perform “if-then-else” analysis in negotiating goals, says Dharmender Kapoor, COO, ...

India's Web Domain Name Biz Growing Rapidly

Jun 02, 2015
The BigRock report shows that India is way behind the the growth rate in China

Two-Thirds Of Indian Businesses Lack IP Policy

Apr 28, 2015
IP is an evolving space in India that needs to find its natural optimal point as the stakeholders across sectors understand fair a...

Doing Business In Germany: Key Points

Apr 20, 2015
Germans consider India as a potential market for business

Business Opportunities With Railways: Focus on Energy

Apr 08, 2015
Railways would save over Rs 3000 crore annually on the energy front alone by incorporating the better power purchase arrangements.

MSME Growth: Here Is What India Needs

Apr 07, 2015
Apart from size, scale and speed, India also needs tax rationalization

Tips on business etiquette in international travel

Dec 31, 2012
This will sound cliched, but it is true that the world is a smaller place now. It is not unusual to come across businesses that ar...