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Seven tips for a killer speech

Jul 23, 2013
A killer speech is not one that just conveys information. It is one that affects the audience, one that inspires them to act.

10 tips for a good TV advertisement

Feb 06, 2013
A well-made television commercial can work wonders for your product/service. It can create publicity for your firm, and spike your...

Five tips for an effective speech

Jan 31, 2013
As an entrepreneur, you are bound to face an audience – small or large – and communicate your ideas or inform your audience ab...

Five steps to build a social media strategy

Jan 25, 2013
The fact that social media can be of great benefit for your firm does not brook any argument, in today's times. A good social medi...

Ten tips for an effective PowerPoint presentation

Oct 11, 2012
A PowerPoint presentation is a wonderful way to present the salient features of your business, your products and / or services to ...

Radio ads: Demographics and RoI should guide you

Aug 28, 2012
Radio is the biggest broadcast medium in India, with near complete coverage extending to even the most remote villages. Radio is e...

Amagi Media confident of SME-driven growth

Jul 23, 2012
Bangalore-based targeted advertising firm Amagi Media Labs started its first commercial pilot in 2009. With more than 700 SME cust...