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Bridging the technological gap: Green Power Systems

Jul 01, 2013
When Mainak Chakraborty founded the Green Power Systems in 2010, the objective was pretty clear and it still remains to be so – ...

London mayor meets Dikshit, offers assistance

Nov 27, 2012
London's Mayor Boris Johnson Monday met Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and offered his city's expertise in higher education, ...

Germany to fund Indian clean energy cos

Sep 04, 2012
Germany’s development bank KfW will provide Rs 375 crore to Small Industries Development Bank of India as assistance to support ...

Government Unveils New Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules

Mar 28, 2016
‘New Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules will Change The way Country Used to Manage Waste Earlier; Make a Big Difference to Clean...

How the Netherlands Is Helping India In Waste Management

Jun 02, 2015
Currently, 15% waste is being treated and managed but in the next four years the government wants to take it to has pledged to tre...

Four ways to extract cost savings from E-waste

Aug 29, 2012
With garbage piled high in every street corner it is impossible to hide from the mounds of unsegregated rubbish and ignore grave r...