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10 tips for a great home office

Jun 26, 2013
So, you have decided to start your own small business from home. You have decided to invest in creating an office space in your ho...

Eight tips to make your home office comfortable

May 07, 2013
You have decided to quit your day job, and start your own small business from home. Though this is many a person’s dream, it is ...

Sharing a home office with your spouse: 5 tips

May 03, 2013
You are a work-from-home entrepreneur, and have achieved a reasonable level of success in your business, too. You have been managi...

How should you hire for your home office?

Apr 24, 2013
You quit your day job to start a small business of your own from home a couple of years ago. Today, it has grown, and has started ...

Britain relaxes visa rules for Indian professionals

Nov 23, 2012
Britain Thursday relaxed immigration rules for foreign professionals, entering the country via the 'Intra-Company Transfer' (ICT) ...