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Bt cotton


'Biotech has made India net exporter of BT cotton'

Feb 05, 2013
Biotechnology has made India a net exporter of BT Cotton from being an importer, with production nearly doubling to 510 kg per hec...

Bt Cotton seeds banned in M'rashtra

Aug 10, 2012
The Maharashtra government has banned the sale and distribution of Bt cotton seeds by a US multinational giant in the state, a top...

M'rashtra farmers welcome Bt cotton seed ban

Jul 13, 2012
Farmers in Maharashtra have welcomed the state government's move to ban Bt cotton seeds which have created many problems for the a...

Bt cotton has benefited farmers greatly, says study

Jun 08, 2012
Cotton production in India has risen with the use of the hybrid Bt cotton seeds, benefitting farmers and helping the country to be...