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Cisco BYOD Smart Solution:

Off late, BYOD has been making significant inroads in the business world because of the various benefits it offers. However, one needs to be very careful with the risks associated with it and requires a comprehensive solution facilitating secure mobility at his organization. Cisco® BYOD Smart Solution is the much appreciated tool, which mitigates risks while providing the technologies you need to bring mobile devices onboard coupled with an excellent user experience.

Case Study - Cisco BYOD Smart Solution: Take a Comprehensive Approach to Secure Mobility 

Forrester Report - Latest IT Trends For Secure Mobile Collaboration

Case Study -  Cisco BYOD Smart Solution helps furniture company enhance creativity and mobilize sales teams

Ebook - Cisco Bring Your Own Device: Device Freedom Without Compromising the IT Network


Sample BYOD Policy

Putting together a comprehensive BYOD policy that protects all your company’s concerns including information security is a critical pre-requisite for deploying BYOD. We provide you a sample BYOD policy that you can customize to your company’s specific needs.

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Security Checklist

 Deploying BYOD gives rise to some serious security concerns. You might have to deploy multiple levels of security depending on the specific needs of your enterprise. Here’s a checklist that guides you on all the security concerns you need to address while deploying BYOD.

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Other online resources

There is a plethora of information available on the Web on BYOD. We present you a select set of resources for your reference

Leading ERP vendor SAP implemented BYOD across its facilities. Click the link below to view its guidelines for preparing a BYOD policy.

Here’s a different take on how to make BYOD secure and simple

White House’s website provides detailed documentation on BYOD replete with case studies and other policy related information.

Teachthought’s  white paper on implementing BYOD