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Manufacturers’ Association of Faridabad

25th Jun 2013 -- Mahua
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The Manufacturers’ Association of Faridabad (MAF) was started in 1981 with the vision of representing the Faridabad-based manufacturing SMEs. With a strong motto of ‘By the industry, for the industry’, MAF has always been in the forefront as a catalyst for Faridabad-based SMEs. The association has proved to be an important agency in providing local SMEs subsidies on generators.

MAF also provides updated information on government policies, as well as assistance in establishing manufacturing units.

The association has over 1,200 members, representing various industries and industrial areas in Faridabad. MAF also has strong tie-ups with other local industry associations, resulting in a direct outreach of around 3,000 SMEs in and around Faridabad.

“Entrepreneurs from Faridabad have great credibility at the national and international levels. Manufacturing organizations in this cluster are producing world-class products and services. At MAF, we are working aggressively towards ensuring the best environment for entrepreneurs to carry on their business,” said Ramneek Prabhakar, General Secretary, MAF.

Commenting on the challenges that MAF member companies face, Prabhakar said, “The list of challenges is long. Entrepreneurs within the MAF network are struggling with issues like shortage of power,  lack of proper infrastructure, labour unavailability, and inadequate policy framework. If a strong and positive ecosystem for business can be created for these entrepreneurs, the local industry can produce even greater results than it is producing as of now.”

MAF helps its members keep pace with changing trends, keeping them abreast of the changes that are taking place around them by conducting seminars on industrial management, with ISO and other standardization officials. It also conducts interactive sessions with government officials and consultants for this purpose.

The association has, on occasion, acted as a very strong advocate for local manufacturing entrepreneurs. For instance, MAF has won a case against DHBVN, leading to advance security deposit on electric meters being refunded to its members with interest, after the judgment of the High Court.

Considerable changes are taking place in the manufacturing industry, and the ecosystem is evolving rapidly. Government schemes are becoming more entrepreneur-friendly, but their actual roll-out and execution are going to be decisive factors in the growth of the businesses in this space. Associations like MAF can play a very significant role in helping businesses make the most of these changes. 


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