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Coimbatore Jewellery Manufacturers' Association

02nd Jul 2013 -- Mahua
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City: Coimbatore
Industry: Gems and jewellery

The origin of Coimbatore Jewellery Manufacturers' Association can be traced back to early 90’s although the union of manufacturers was legally registered into an association only in 2006. The association has over 315 members now and the industry as a whole accommodates over 2000 manufacturers and more than 40,000 goldsmiths. The jewellery manufacturing industry in Coimbatore directly and indirectly employs well over 60,000 people.

The association has been very instrumental in strengthening the small and medium jewelry manufacturers in the region ever since its origin. “The association is a platform for everyone to grow in Coimbatore. We give every manufacture the fellowship. We guide them in so many ways on various topics ranging from filing income tax, on sales tax, to meeting the challenges in the industry. The idea is to share the knowledge and update the technology on a real-time basis. The association is also engaged in educating the members about various supportive schemes and new laws and regulation by both central and state governments. It also works as a forum where all the members can communicate each other,” said B. Muthu Venkatram, President of Coimbatore Jewellery Manufacturers Association.

However, when the complex government policy requirements coupled with inadequate investment capabilities of the association was slowing its growth, nearly 60 jewellery manufacturers came together in 2010 to form what is known today as Coimbatore Gem and Jewellery Industries Private Limited (COJEWEL) or COJEWEL India. In its simplest description, COJEWEL is a common jewellery manufacturing facility that offers a range of services in the manufacturing process including testing, coin stamping, melting, micro wire drawing, laser welding, laser marking, electro plating and enameling etc. COJEWEL, by the very nature of it a private company, has two centers now and as Venkatram notes, both the facilities work for the benefit of small-scale jewellery makers as it offers them a host of services at nominal cost, but of international standards. Venkatram also serves as the chairman of COJEWEL.


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