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Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers' Association (AIEMA)

29th Aug 2013 -- Mahua
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City: Chennai
Industry: Manufacturing

At its 50th year of inception, Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers' Association (AIEMA) is in the process of designing new programs for its members to adapt themselves to today’s challenging economic environment. AIEMA, with close to 800 active members controlling over 1000 units, represents the small scale industries in the Ambattur Industrial Estate.

A majority of businesses out of the 2200 odd units in Ambattur are involved in auto-tech manufacturing (nearly 600 units). The annual revenue generated by the 1200-acres Ambattur Industrial Estate is estimated to be well over Rs.5000-6000 crores, 5 percent of which goes to the government in the form of various taxes. It should be noted that nearly 15-20 per cent of the revenue comes from exports. The estate generates 1.2 lakh direct employment and another 60000-70000 indirect jobs.

According to S. Ramesh, President, AIEMA, the implementation process of the government policies is so faulty that the SMBs stand unsupported all the time. “The policies of the government are so vague and not at all industry friendly that industries here are fed up with system now. Most of the units here are level 1 or level II suppliers to big players like Leyland or Hyundai, which makes the industry more like an economic slave to the giants,” Ramesh said.

He says the future of SMBs in the Ambattur Industrial Estate looks quite weak at this point and said only a radical policy change and effective implementation of such policies can bring back the feel-good factor to the industry.


Ambattur Industrial Estate Manufacturers’ Association
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