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Ahmednagar auto engineering industry is growing despite roadblocks

May 09, 2013
The age-old auto engineering industry in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, consisting mainly of micro and small units, is earning good reve...

Indian leather based industries have great growth potential

May 08, 2013
The Leather Industry holds a prominent place in the Indian economy. This sector is known for its consistency in high export earnin...

Hard time for iron ore exports

May 08, 2013
Indian exporters of Iron ore are facing tough time these days. This year’s iron ore exports from India have sharply declined by ...

Gurdaspur Phulkari industry requires upgraded infrastructure

May 08, 2013
The embroidery industry in Gurdaspur district, Punjab needs encouragement to compete with other industries of the state. Despite i...

Kerala coir industry gaining popularity in international market

May 07, 2013
The entrepreneurs at the coir industry in Kottayam district, Kerala are working hard to gain popularity in the international marke...

High price-tag affecting overseas sales of Delhi-made apparels

May 07, 2013
Delhi made apparels are not receiving welcome in the international market due to tough competition from foreign companies, accordi...

Gujarat surgical instrument hub seeks govt aid

May 03, 2013
Despite the lack of sufficient space for production, the surgical instrument manufacturing industry in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has bee...

Rajasthan stone hub lacks diversity

May 02, 2013
Steps to bring diversity in designs and the following of trends are all that is required at the sandstone industry in Dausa, Rajas...

Punjab embroidered footwear getting popular

Apr 30, 2013
The embroidered footwear manufacturing industry in Barnala district, Punjab, is steadily growing due to the increasing demand for ...

Gujarat rice flakes hub mired in challenges

Apr 30, 2013
Illiteracy has become a major factor causing the decline of the rice flakes manufacturing industry in Navasari district, Gujarat. ...


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Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | March 15, 2012
Also, the provision equivalent of 10A of 100 percent tax holiday should be incorporated for the healthcare sector in dedicated export zones.
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | March 14, 2012
Budget reforms should complement affordability with accessibility.
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | March 14, 2012
India needs a uniform toll policy. A centralised toll mechanism reduces stoppage time and improves truckers' efficiency.
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | March 14, 2012
AEPC requests that the rate of depreciation, on machinery, be fixed at 25 percent, up from 15 percent at present.
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | March 13, 2012
Real estate in India should be accorded industry status.
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | March 12, 2012
'To save on rising petroleum cost four-wheelers should be banned in small cities and towns'
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | March 12, 2012
With Budget 2012 in view, Vinnnie Mehta, the Executive Director of ACMA (Automotive Components Manufacturers Association), has put forth his main expectations from the policy makers.