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IBIN can invigorate Indian manufacturing sector: Maira

Jul 18, 2013
India’s long-term manufacturing plan objectives of creating 100 million additional jobs by 2025 runs the risk of being jeopardiz...
Delhi-NCR Cluster

India should focus on exports, SMEs, logistics and labour law: Kant

Jul 17, 2013
Amitabh Kant, CEO & MD, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Ltd. spelt out the challenges that need to be add...

IT spending among Indian SMBs growing at 17%: Study

Jul 16, 2013
According to a study by New York-based strategy consulting firm AMI-Partners, IT services spending among Indian small and medium b...
Coimbatore Cluster

Demand for textile exports will grow further: TEA President

Jul 05, 2013
A leap from less than Rs.10 crores in 1984 to Rs.11,000 crores in 2006-07, Tirupur’s growth chart paints a very rosy picture of ...

NSIC might get Mini-Ratna I status soon

Jul 05, 2013
In a remarkable development, the National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) might soon be getting the status of Mini-Ratna I, wh...

New entrants to improve efficiency in banking sector: FICCI

Jul 04, 2013
The RBI’s decision to allow new players in the banking sector has received a big thumbs up from Indian industry. The move will i...

SMEs are adopting a global mindset: SAP study

Jul 03, 2013
Market leader in enterprise application software SAP AG and Oxford Economics today announced the survey findings by the Oxford Eco...

SEBI announcement for SMEs meets mixed reactions

Jun 28, 2013
The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) recently announced a possibility of allowing start-ups and SMEs to get listed on...

How SMBs can control data

Jun 28, 2013
Data analytics is increasingly being used by businesses to analyse information and use the knowledge gained to make smart and comp...
Coimbatore Cluster

Coimbatore solar energy project hit hard by sinking Rupee

Jun 27, 2013
It seems like the recent drop of Rupee against Dollar has put the plans of Tirupur industrialists into a solemn plight.


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Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | November 26, 2012
In today’s market, specialization holds the key to growth. It is a very important aspect of success, especially when the market is witnessing a lot of ‘me-too’ competitors. Over the last few years, the online industry has produced some examples of successful online start-ups. Chandan Sharma, founder of Dhol Dhamaka (, is trying to create his own niche by entering into the product market for parties, festivals and special occasions.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | November 02, 2012
Mumbai, India-based Fusion Clothing, the brainchild of Shishir Goenka, has been in operation since 1992. Fusion Clothing started out as an export house for apparel, and then, in 2010, launched its organic clothing brand - Do U Speak Green?
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | October 25, 2012
Faridabad, Haryana-based Sangeeta Industries is engaged in metal sheet fabrication. SupportBiz spoke with Abhishek Taneja, the company’s director and a second generation entrepreneur, who joined the business founded in 1989 by his father-in-law, Rajan Sachdeva.
Shivani Mehra | The SupportBiz Bureau | October 17, 2012
The soaring prices of desi ghee, sugar and other ingredients that go into making Indian sweets could rob you of a sweet-deal when shopping for mouth watering sweets in Punjab this festive season. Punjabis are also slowly turning to chocolates and cakes, which they gift each other.
Faiz Askari | The Supportbiz Bureau | October 02, 2012
Globally acclaimed as the brass city of India, Moradabad is one of the most vibrant places for Indian handicraft exporters. Situated on the banks of the river Ram Ganga, the city is also known for its skilled labour engaged in the making of modern artistic brass ware, jewellery and brass trophies.
Sharmila Rao | The SupportBiz Bureau | August 29, 2012
With garbage piled high in every street corner it is impossible to hide from the mounds of unsegregated rubbish and ignore grave risks to our health. The inefficiencies of the garbage collection and disposal system are leading to clogged drains, hordes of stray dogs and rampant spread of diseases.
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | July 23, 2012
Bangalore-based targeted advertising firm Amagi Media Labs started its first commercial pilot in 2009. With more than 700 SME customers on board, and more than eight million ad seconds played so far, Amagi expects to add more regions as well as TV channels. KA Srinivasan, co-founder, shares valuable knowledge about marketing and advertising trends among SMEs.
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | July 16, 2012
Asvin Simon started his entrepreneurial venture with an 80sqft Bangs kiosk in Chennai. After getting positive customer feedback, he adopted the franchise business model in mid-2010. Since then, the Bangs chain has expanded to 35 outlets across India. In an exclusive interview with, Simon shared some insights about his business projections and expansion strategy.
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | July 06, 2012
Over 350-plus associations and NGOs from different verticals will share a single platform to come together and interact in the second edition of India Association Congress. The chief driver of this event is a man who has many firsts to his credit - Prasant Saha. Faiz Askari speaks to Saha, who is on the boards of many associations, cultural and sporting bodies.
IANS | June 28, 2012
A 25-member delegation of farmers from Uttar Pradesh would soon be visiting countries like Australia, Fiji and Mauritius to study the use of advanced technology to better sugar cane harvest, it was announced.