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Easemysell: The online selling platform

Feb 22, 2013 is a platform for online selling, launched with the view of making selling products and online payments more conven...

Seven tips to build lasting customer relationships

Feb 20, 2013
The importance of building customer relationships in business cannot be stressed enough. Strong relationships with your customers ...

Why do people dislike marketers?

Feb 19, 2013
Marketing is one of the most important functions of business, which can make or break a firm. Good marketing can work wonders for ...

Tips for rural marketing

Feb 14, 2013
Though more than half of our population resides in villages, it is only recently that corporates and other businesses have started...

Eight tips for a good ‘About Us’ page

Feb 14, 2013
The ‘About Us’ page on your website often creates the first impression about your business in the minds of your customers. It ...

Ten marketing tips for SMEs

Feb 13, 2013
Good marketing is an essential step towards building a brand, towards making the world aware of the existence of a firm and in mak...

Now SMEs can sell online for free!

Feb 11, 2013
getitBazaar, India’s first marketplace where sellers from across India can open their online store and display their products fo...

Ten tips for an effective cold call

Feb 11, 2013
Cold calling prospective customers can be a challenge, considering that you do not know the prospect, and there is no guarantee th...

Nine tips for a great print ad

Feb 08, 2013
A good print advertisement can work wonders for your small business. It can help your products and services get noticed by a large...

What are your customers looking out for?

Feb 07, 2013
Different customers look out for different things in your products/services – great quality, value for money, particular feature...


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Ashwin Mamidi | The SupportBiz Bureau | August 29, 2012
Technology giant Microsoft recently ‘updated’ its logo after 25 years. The company has adopted the logo of a sub-brand (Windows) as its corporate logo. For this it has drawn flak from many quarters, with many considering the new identity to be regressive. While branding could be a major hit or miss for large corporations, which are quite tied into the identity of the brand and the message it conveys, small businesses should also not take branding for granted.
Ashwin Mamidi | The SupportBiz Bureau | August 28, 2012
Radio is the biggest broadcast medium in India, with near complete coverage extending to even the most remote villages. Radio is even more focused in the cities and there is differentiation in terms of programming and target audience. Small businesses can make radio advertising work to their advantage and keep their costs to a minimum compared to more expensive television campaigns.
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | March 14, 2012
Leaders from the retail industry across India share their Budget expectations.
The SupportBiz Bureau | March 13, 2012
A 45 percent rejection rate, high expenses involved in delivery and collecting money, and longer turnaround time are the pain points.
IANS | March 06, 2012
Retailers trying to create new sales channels to address the growing market.
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | February 23, 2012
When should you involve the media?
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | February 21, 2012
Going off-line in the kidswear category is not the best approach, says Mohit Yadav.
The SupportBiz Bureau | January 03, 2012
Barring Maruti Suzuki, still recovering from a 80,000 unit production loss, during the three-month labour unrest at its Manesar plant, year-end discounts and launch of new models boosted car sales in December.