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The eight musts of public relations

Aug 14, 2013
A business needs to be adept in its public relations, in order to improve awareness about itself and grow steadily.

Eight tips for a great advertising campaign

Aug 08, 2013
An advertising campaign will be an investment for your business only if you are able to get a sufficiently good return from it. Ot...

Marketing to busy people: Five tips

Aug 07, 2013
We live in a fast world, where people are constantly pressed for time. There are several things and information jostling for each ...

Have you prepared your website for the holiday season?

Aug 05, 2013
Come August, and the festival season begins in India. This is also the time for shopping, with cash counters in shops ringing cons...

10 tips for great content marketing

Jul 30, 2013
More and more firms are realising the importance of content marketing in building an interactive community, improving their reputa...

Seven cost-effective marketing tips for start-ups

Jul 16, 2013
Marketing is a necessary exercise for a start-up that wants to increase awareness about its products/services, and expand in terms...

Seven tips for a wonderful introductory e-mail

May 20, 2013
The introductory e-mail that you send out to prospective customers, informing them about your business and products/services, is e...

Cost-effective advertising for SMEs

Apr 30, 2013
In tough economic conditions, involving global slowdown and high cost of finance, businesses are required to invest smartly for th...

SuperReceptionist: Generating high quality sales leads

Apr 30, 2013
Lead generation is an integral aspect for the growth for businesses. For SMEs, it becomes very crucial.

Power of show business: Cinema TV

Apr 29, 2013
Incepted in April 2012, Cinema TV is a Hindi movie channel that exclusively caters to movie buffs. Led by Hitesh Sabharwal, CEO, C...


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Food processing sector contributes 11 per cent and 9 per cent of GDP in Agriculture and Manufacturing sectors
| May 11, 2015
Korean investment in India is concentrated mainly in the manufacturing sector which accounts for 86%, with wholesale and retail trade 6%
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IMF said the parliament’s move will lead to long-term sustainable growth in the country.
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NASSCOM Innotrek provides a learning and networking platform for entrepreneurs
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It is felt that West Bengal and Kerala will benefit while net producing states like Gujarat and Maharashtra will stand to lose.
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Mega-regionals are perceived as a natural progression of major trading players’ ambitions
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The industry voiced its readiness to invest in India to service local and international demand, but believes that certain areas still need to be addressed.
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Germans consider India as a potential market for business
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NSIC has a programme to create self-employment opportunities by imparting training on entrepreneurship