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Nine signs that you love your start-up

Jun 14, 2013
You have started a small business of your own. You have a wonderful business idea, and plan for your business to grow and succeed....

Eight things a productive entrepreneur should not do

Jun 13, 2013
Being an entrepreneur is no mean feat. The several aspects of a business require attention 24/7, and an entrepreneur is often call...

10 things to consider while designing your office

Jun 13, 2013
The physical environment in an office is a very important determinant of employee productivity. Employees who are comfortable in t...

How can you impress a venture capitalist?

Jun 12, 2013
Every firm that wishes to grow, needs funding in some form. Venture capital is a wonderful source of finance, but it is not so eas...

How can you build credibility?

Jun 12, 2013
Building credibility for your business is crucial for its growth. Your potential customers will be ready to buy your products/serv...

Make your business the best in the industry!

Jun 11, 2013
There is always room at the top, but not everyone is able to reach the top. This truth holds good for businesses as well. Every bu...

Nine tips for the ideal CEO

Jun 11, 2013
As the CEO of your small business, you are the leader everyone looks up to for guidance, direction and ideas. It is you who sets a...

Seven tips to improve your stress tolerance

Jun 10, 2013
Being an entrepreneur is a journey fraught with stress. This is particularly so in case of owners of small-scale firms, which are ...

12 don’ts for a business meeting

Jun 10, 2013
Face-to-face meetings with customers, potential investors and other parties are crucial for businesses. They provide an opportunit...

Eight people an entrepreneur should avoid

Jun 07, 2013
The company that you keep definitely influences you, both in good and bad ways. Negativity, jealousy and backstabbing in your inne...


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Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | October 26, 2012
A business dinner is a wonderful opportunity to network; to spread the word about your company’s work; and to network with customers. Whether it is a meeting with vendors, customers or investors, a business dinner – if handled effectively – can work wonders for you. Here are some tips on how you, the small business owner, can pull-off a successful business dinner.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | October 25, 2012
There are hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs inhabiting our planet. Only a handful go on to become a Steve Jobs or a Ratan Tata. What are the characteristics that set these successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest? SupportBiz tells you exactly that.
M Rochan | The SupportBiz Bureau | October 19, 2012
It is a tough world out there and it gets tougher when you are trying to make it big in life. Entrepreneurs have to be super charged these days to realise their dreams. Here is what you need to do to be a super-charged entrepreneur:
M Rochan | The SupportBiz Bureau | October 18, 2012
‘Only the most foolish of mice would hide in a cat's ear, but only the wisest of cats would think to look there,’ goes the quote by Andrew Mercer. Basically, we are saying that opportunity is everywhere but you have to be vigilant to spot it early on.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | October 16, 2012
As a small business owner with a limited team, it is easy to fall into the rut of taking on more work than you can possibly handle, efficiently. Delegation of responsibilities to employees is something you should consider in this situation. This would not only lighten your burder, leaving you free to do what is really important, but also help in keeping the organisation healthy and happy. Here are some tips to help you delegate your tasks more effectively.
M Rochan | The SupportBiz Bureau | October 11, 2012
Small to midsize businesses looking to export out of India, for the very first time, could find themselves swamped with dos and dont's from the federal and state governments. India’s Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts lists ten simple guidelines, aimed at educating newbie exporters.
M Rochan | The SupportBiz Bureau | October 03, 2012
Emailed newsletters are an effective way to reach out to one’s target audience. While experts will argue that B2B businesses are better positioned to shoot newsletters, the tool as such can be put to use by just about anybody who wants to connect with exiting and potential customers / audiences.
Ashwin Mamidi | The SupportBiz Bureau | September 04, 2012
In India, innovation is often treated as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. Intellectual property (IP) should be considered an asset by medium, small and micro enterprises (MSMEs). IP rights are recognized and offered protection by law. Further to this, the Union government sponsored Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre (IPFC) for MSMEs aims to promote innovation and IP awareness among MSMEs, so that they can be globally compliant.
Ashwin Mamidi | The SupportBiz Bureau | September 03, 2012
Manufacturing is an important sector of India's economy. It accounts for 17 percent of the country's GDP. The SME sector contributes about 45 percent to the manufacturing output, 40 percent of the total exports, and creates major employment opportunities across the country.
Sharmila Rao | The SupportBiz Bureau | August 24, 2012
Urban Indian consumers are taking the organic route to health. From tea, coffee, herbs, spices, rice, pulses, fruit and vegetables to organic cotton and processed natural textiles India now offers around 90 different groups of organic products. Here is how to setup an online organic store.