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10 tips for your store to go green

Jun 26, 2013
You are a small retailer who would like to contribute to environment protection, but does not know how. If you think only large st...

10 tips for a great home office

Jun 26, 2013
So, you have decided to start your own small business from home. You have decided to invest in creating an office space in your ho...

Five essentials of a great business logo

Jun 21, 2013
Your logo will often be the first point of contact for people with your business, the thing that will form the first impression ab...

10 things to ponder before selling your business

Jun 20, 2013
Have you been thinking about selling your business, due to some reason? Think over it again. Do not let the selling of your busine...

Five tips to get a difficult task done

Jun 19, 2013
It is not uncommon for an entrepreneur to find himself/herself faced with a task that he/she is not particularly looking forward t...

Nine things to consider while naming your business

Jun 19, 2013
Naming a business is a very important decision, one that needs a lot of thought. The name of a business is what creates the first ...

Seven tips for eco-friendly shipments

Jun 18, 2013
Shipping of products is one of the major areas in which businesses contribute to pollution and carbon footprint. Irrespective of w...

Nine kinds of people you might find at a business meeting

Jun 18, 2013
Business meetings can be effective only if a pre-determined agenda is stuck to, and a healthy discussion is undertaken. However, m...

Seven don’ts for a business LinkedIn profile

Jun 17, 2013
LinkedIn is an invaluable social media tool for businesses today, irrespective of whether they are small or large. A well-managed ...

Ten tips to work well under pressure

Jun 14, 2013
The work of an entrepreneur never ends. The 24/7 job of an entrepreneur is always fraught with pressure, requiring him to multi-ta...


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Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | November 27, 2012
As a small business owner, it is understandable that you stretch yourself to your limits every single day, facing the challenges of working with a limited budget and team, and trying to grow at par with the large organisations. You deserve to take a break this holiday season, to recharge and come back refreshed.
Faiz Askari| The SupportBiz Bureau | November 26, 2012
The concept of serviced and virtual offices is new in India. Companies like Imperial Servcorp are among the very few companies in India which are operating in this space. In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz, Meenal Sinha, Business Head - India at Imperial Servcorp, explained the potential of this market for SMEs.
Sharmila Rao| The SupportBiz Bureau | November 26, 2012
For SMEs, a rating by a reputed credit rating agency is an excellent step towards gaining credibility. It assists them in getting funding from banks and also reduces their interest rates. Many Indian banks provide interest rate concessions starting from 0.25% to 1.25% for rated SMEs.
M Rochan | The SupportBiz Bureau | November 23, 2012
Relocation is every entrepreneur’s nightmare because things hardly ever go as planned. Here are five pointers to keep in mind when you move your office.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | November 21, 2012
Going paperless is not a bad idea. However, this decision comes with its own pros and cons. Both of these aspects need to be considered before you decide whether it is the right choice for your small business. Here is a look at the positives and negatives of going paperless.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | November 20, 2012
Choosing and undertaking social responsibility initiatives might not seem like a great idea given the limited budget and manpower at a small company, but it is definitely worth the effort. For one, corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives help you work with a perspective higher than just doing business and making profits – for the greater good of the society – thus boosting employee morale.
Priya Iyer | The SupportBiz Bureau | November 16, 2012
Being an entrepreneur is a stressful job. Here are some tips that you, as a small business owner, can use to beat workplace stress.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | November 08, 2012
If e-mails are used for the right purposes and one adheres to the ground rules of emailing, , the technology can help achieve great results for your business. If e-mailing is abused, it can spell havoc for you. Here are some pointers that one should adhere to, to ensure that good e-mail hygiene is practiced in your organization.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | November 05, 2012
As the owner of a small business, you lead an incredibly hectic lifestyle. You have to don multiple hats, constantly perform, guide and lead and motivate, all with a limited budget and team. Such a life can be incredibly stressful, and it might be difficult to find time to de-stress, exercise and keep fit, but it is crucial.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | November 02, 2012
You, as the CEO, are the leader of your small firm. You are the one person that your team looks up to for anything and everything. You are that person they would rely on to guide them. It is your duty to stand up to your image as a leader. Here are a few tips on how to be a wonderful, inspiring and effective leader.