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Nine tips to be a great start-up CEO

Jul 03, 2013
A CEO is the driving force of an organisation – the person everyone looks up to for guidance, ideas, suggestions and direction.

Nine tips for a great Pinterest page

Jul 02, 2013
Pinterest is fast emerging as a powerful social media platform to engage potential clients and other parties, just as much as Face...

Nine things to consider while determining product price

Jul 02, 2013
The success of your business depends on a lot of factors, correct pricing of your products/services being one of them. There are a...

Five tips to get fast payments

Jul 01, 2013
A steady flow of cash is of utmost importance to a small business, without which it would begin to face a liquidity crunch and fin...

Seven tips to handle your long-term leave

Jul 01, 2013
When you are a small-scale entrepreneur, every single day counts. You need to put in your best at work every day, in order to ensu...

Formulate BYOD strategy sans legacy devices

Jun 28, 2013
As newer smartphones and tablets continue to flood the market, employees desire to be equipped with these latest devices will only...

Does your business blog need an overhaul?

Jun 28, 2013
A business blog is a wonderful way of reaching out to your potential customers, and the world at large. It helps you share knowled...

10 things to ponder before buying a business

Jun 28, 2013
Have you found a business that is ready to be sold by its owners? Do you think you can turn it into a profitable venture once agai...

Nine signs of confident entrepreneurs

Jun 27, 2013
A confident entrepreneur is not someone who has an air of superiority, and believes in looking down upon others. A confident entre...

Nine tips to build your business brand

Jun 27, 2013
Building a brand is important for any firm, but it is especially so in case of a start-up. It is crucial that a start-up build an ...


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Astha Singh | Supportbiz Bureau | December 09, 2013
Is it a good idea to go solo when on an entrepreneurship journey? While there's a debate on how a solo founder can run a venture, there are always solutions to be found out there
Priya Iyer | The SupportBiz Bureau | December 31, 2012
This will sound cliched, but it is true that the world is a smaller place now. It is not unusual to come across businesses that are exporting their product/s to several countries across the globe, or businesses interested in doing so.
Faiz Askari | The SupportBiz Bureau | December 12, 2012
Business networking can be undertaken with several ends in mind. Entrepreneurs in India expect certain positive take-aways from networking with the industry, which vary from financial support and marketing support to knowledge for achieving business growth.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | December 10, 2012
Modern life in industrialised and industrializing countries is inconceivable without electronic and electrical equipments. However, with the increasing use of such equipments, the biggest challenge coming to the fore is the treatment of the waste or 'e-waste' generated from such use.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | December 07, 2012
Goal-setting is a very important aspect of running a business. Both long-term and short-term goals provide direction to the business. Goals serve as a benchmark to measure actual performance, and improve on it or make changes wherever necessary.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | December 03, 2012
As a small business owner, it can be a difficult task to say no to your employees or clients, or other parties associated with you. However, it is crucial to learn how to do this – only then can you survive, reduce your stress, and avoid burn-out.
M Rochan | The SupportBiz Bureau | November 29, 2012
Start-ups and small firms looking to raise capital for their operations could consider the crowd-funding route. This article lists the available crowd-funding platforms in India.
Priya Iyer | The SupportBiz Bureau | November 28, 2012
Every potential entrepreneur, at some stage, needs an office space to further his business. At this stage, one question inevitably stares the entrepreneur in his/her face – whether the office space should be leased or bought?
M Rochan | The SupportBiz Bureau | November 27, 2012
Across the globe, governments are enforcing laws to ensure that companies comply with environmental and labour laws. SMEs can voluntarily take to social and ethical compliance. This article lists various global social ethical standards and certifications.
Sharmila Rao| The SupportBiz Bureau | November 27, 2012
Today, businesses demand intelligence, speed, and flexibility. Radical changes in business environment and information technology have changed the way companies operate, innovate, and create value. Companies are increasing investments in technology to provide real-time analytics, predictive analytics, risk management and compliance.