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Nine things not to do on Twitter

Jul 23, 2013
The importance of social media in building up an online community and in spreading awareness about a business cannot be denied.

Seven tips for a killer speech

Jul 23, 2013
A killer speech is not one that just conveys information. It is one that affects the audience, one that inspires them to act.

How can you create a disaster plan for your firm?

Jul 22, 2013
We live in a rapidly changing world, where market changes take place unexpectedly and have far-reaching effects.

Five tips to find your niche

Jul 19, 2013
Finding a niche for your business is extremely crucial to its success. If you are able to establish yourself in a niche market, yo...

Eight ways to expand your business network

Jul 19, 2013
It goes without saying that networking is a very important skill that entrepreneurs must possess.

How can you ensure higher website conversion?

Jul 18, 2013
The amount of traffic that your website attracts holds tremendous significance, if you majorly sell through this platform. Your we...

Seven things that investors will consider about your start-up

Jul 16, 2013
You are an entrepreneur with a business idea, looking for funds to convert your start-up into a reality from a dream. That, or you...

10 tips to stay positive

Jul 15, 2013
Negativity drains you of energy and robs you of enthusiasm. It stops you from focusing on the present moment, clouding your mind s...

Five critical BYOD mistakes to avoid

Jul 11, 2013
Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is becoming ubiquitous in the enterprise. Unfortunately, while experimenting with this new mega trend...

Six tips to get out of your comfort zone

Jul 11, 2013
Your comfort zone is the box you have created inside of your head, where you feel warm and secure.


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| March 10, 2015
The government has received 72 proposals from various companies including Adani Group, ITC and Future Group
| March 09, 2015
The impact of growing and changing regulations is the primary challenge for retail banks in the US and UK
| March 09, 2015
Over 71 pc of CEOs said they would like to wait for some more time before they could be as optimistic.
Preeti S | March 06, 2015
Disruptive and innovative global products are the only way out to establish global dominance
| March 02, 2015
Allocations of Rs 1000 crore to startup sectors and reduction in Corporate tax from 30% to 25% are positive indications
Priyanka Sarkar | February 18, 2015
Vadodara-based Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies lights up India’s hinterlands with its biomass gasifiers. One of the forerunners in the domain of renewable energy resources, the company bagged the Best SME for manufacturing award jointly organised by Business Today and Yes Bank in 2013. Today, the SME aims to conquer new vistas of growth
| February 11, 2015
RBI deputy governor unerlines the need for businesses to transform and make themselves relevant to customers
| February 05, 2015
A study by Zinnov stated that IT adoption in SMB segment is growing at 15% and is expected to reach USD 15 billion by 2015.
The SupportBiz Bureau | July 15, 2014
The survey is the first-ever nationwide poll of micro, small and medium industries, which was conducted over a nine-month period covering 26 states and 3,30,000 MSMEs across the country.
The SupportBiz Bureau | July 14, 2014
The budget 2014-15 proposed imposing 10 percent duty on telecom products not covered under Information Technology Agreement (ITA) 1 of WTO to boost domestic production of telecom products.