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Managing Growth


Seven tips for choosing a suitable business partner

Aug 14, 2013
Choosing the right kind of partner is crucial for the growth and success of a business.

Six tips to win over an investor

Aug 13, 2013
Getting funds on time is a pre-requisite for growth for all businesses, either from personal sources or through investors. The imp...

Seven tips for a wonderful business plan

Aug 13, 2013
A business plan is a must for all firms, small and large. A business plan provides a direction to a firm, and inspiration when the...

Starting up in an unfamiliar industry: 10 tips

Aug 12, 2013
You have spotted a wonderful business opportunity, think it has great potential, and you are passionate about working in that part...

Seven tips to manage your online reputation

Aug 09, 2013
It is crucial for a business to understand what people are saying it about, in order to improve itself, draw on its strength, and ...

Seven tips for a great professional e-mail

Aug 09, 2013
Your e-mail says a lot about your business. Sometimes, your e-mail offers potential clients or investors the first impression abou...

How can you optimize LinkedIn to your benefit?

Aug 08, 2013
As a social media platform, LinkedIn is growing in significance in business circles. A well-managed LinkedIn page can help you spr...

Five steps to reduce waste in your organisation

Aug 07, 2013
Businesses contribute significantly to the carbon footprint in the world, pollution, and global warming. The amount of wastage tha...

How can your start-up achieve rapid growth?

Aug 06, 2013
You have worked hard to convert your dream into reality. You have launched a start-up of your own, and are determined to achieve r...

Is your business prepared for change?

Aug 06, 2013
Businesses today operate in a highly volatile environment. There are sudden changes in market conditions – a change in governmen...


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