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The top qualities of an ideal manager

May 31, 2013
A good manager can work wonders on the morale and productivity of a team of employees. Such a manager can keep the employees satis...

Seven mistakes an interviewer should avoid

May 29, 2013
A team of great employees is an asset for any organisation, irrespective of whether it is small or large. A well-conducted intervi...

How can you motivate your team during difficult projects?

May 28, 2013
You have, finally, laid your hands on that big project you had always dreamed of getting. This project will take your business to ...

Eight tips to make a great job offer

May 24, 2013
You have a vacancy in your organisation, and you have hunted high and low for a suitable candidate to fill it. You have conducted ...

Nine HR lessons for managers

May 23, 2013
A team of well-motivated employees are one of the best assets that a firm can possess. Such employees have high degree of morale a...

The five most difficult tasks of a manager

May 20, 2013
Being a manager involves taking a lot of difficult decisions and interacting with a lot of people. It is no easy job, requiring a ...

How can you promote ethical conduct in your firm?

May 17, 2013
Promoting ethical conduct among your employees is a very important aspect of business. It ensures that your employees are motivate...

Consider these before hiring a social media consultant

May 08, 2013
Today, social media has become of extreme importance to any business firm. It is crucial to have a good social media presence in o...

Four things you must tell new employees

May 02, 2013
The initial few weeks after a new employee joins you can be quite a confusing period of time. It is quite possible that such emplo...

Six tips to manage telecommuting employees

Apr 30, 2013
Telecommuting, or working from home, is gaining popularity both among employees and employers in India. More and more firms are al...


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Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | October 29, 2012
The festive season could give you an opportunity to give your office the make-over that you always wanted to. The time is perfect to make your work space more interesting and inviting. Here are some tips to give your office a quick new look, without burning a hole in your budget.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | October 18, 2012
Efficient, reliable and sincere employees are one of the secrets of success of any business organisation. However, to find such employees, hire and retain them is a challenge to be reckoned with. Here are some tips to hire and retain the right kind of talent for your small business.
Ashwin Mamidi | The SupportBiz Bureau | September 06, 2012
The Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) seeks to provide continuous and sustainable employment in rural and urban parts of India. Traditional artisans and rural/urban unemployed youth are afforded self-employment opportunities through this scheme.
Ashwin Mamidi | The SupportBiz Bureau | September 06, 2012
It is estimated that around 20 percent of the MSMEs in India are promoted by women. The Government of India has made special provisions for women entrepreneurs under the watch of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MoMSME). Training and funding are provided pursuant to this. The government has traditionally focused on improving the base skill set, especially among first generation women entrepreneurs.
Guest Writer | Ishan Gupta, EduKart | July 25, 2012
Online delivery of courses has made education more approachable, affordable, accessible and consumable. E-learning is better equipped with industry relevant courses and skill development training than conventional forms of education, says Ishan Gupta, CEO of online educational services provider EduKart. E-learning is manifesting itself in the SME environment for the enhancement of professional skills of employees.
The SupportBiz Bureau | March 16, 2012
FM Speak: Rural development fund of INR20,000 crore
The SupportBiz Bureau | March 16, 2012
FM Speak: INR1,000 crore for National Skill Development Corporation
The SupportBiz Bureau | March 02, 2012
Companies could help the top brass achieve financial independence by a certain age.
The SupportBiz Bureau | February 28, 2012
Govt. proposes to train 15 million people in specialized skills by 2022, which is easier said than done.
The SupportBiz Bureau | February 15, 2012
Chinese were the first to adopt employee screening procedures