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Six tips to improve your corporate gifting

Jul 26, 2013
Corporate gifting is a wonderful way to build relationships with your clients, suppliers, investors and other people of value. You...

Look beyond employee turnover!

Jul 24, 2013
Many small businesses do not pay attention to employee turnover, unless and until it becomes an acute issue. This is, however, not...

Do you fear your employees becoming competitors?

Jul 22, 2013
Many entrepreneurs are faced with the fear of their employees getting well-trained and well-versed in working in the industry, and...

Why should you make your workplace safe?

Jul 18, 2013
Spending money on ensuring the safety of your employees at your workplace is definitely not an unnecessary expenditure. In fact, i...

What should you do when a key employee quits?

Jul 17, 2013
The quitting of a key employee can be tough on a business. If not effectively managed, it might cripple the business, too.

10 things to ponder before choosing a supplier

Jul 08, 2013
Choosing the right supplier is crucial for producing quality products/services, meeting production deadlines on time and, thereby,...

Top eight reasons for employee stress

Jul 05, 2013
Do your employees look stressed out all the time? There could be various issues contributing to their stress levels, either person...

Nine things to consider while hiring a lawyer

Jun 21, 2013
Hiring a lawyer for your business is a very important decision, one that needs research and careful consideration. A lawyer would ...

Eight questions to ask while hiring for your start-up

Jun 20, 2013
A team of wonderful employees can work wonders for your business. They can put you on the growth path, and help you realise the go...

10 interview questions you must ask

Jun 17, 2013
The importance of a wonderful team of employees for a firm cannot be emphasised enough. Selecting the right candidates for the rig...


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The Supportbiz Bureau | November 27, 2013
Hyderabad-based HR services company targets MSMEs with an online recruitment facility that is aimed at bringing down hiring costs by a third.
Faiz Askari| The SupportBiz Bureau | December 10, 2012
The process of recruitment is a sensitive area for most corporates, and hence, is often outsourced to specialized agencies for the benefit of their experience and professional expertise. One such recruitment agency is the Mumbai-based Top Gear Consultants, one of the leading firms in this field.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | December 07, 2012
The electronic surveillance of a firm’s employees using CCTVs and spy cameras is an emerging concept in India. While it has its own benefits, the electronic surveillance of employees comes with a set of disadvantages as well.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | December 05, 2012
Human resources are one of the most important assets of any business. No business organisation – small or big – can grow or scale new heights without an efficient, hard-working and reliable team of employees. The motivation and retention of employees, therefore, becomes a matter of utmost concern for businesses.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | December 04, 2012
Promoting a healthy lifestyle and wellness among your employees is a great idea. First off, it will keep your employees happy, motivated and productive. Secondly, it will reduce in less absenteeism due to illness, ultimately leading to increased productivity.
M Rochan | The SupportBiz Bureau | November 30, 2012
Many of us suffer from Monday morning blues given the fact that we just do not want to get out of bed Monday mornings. Here are five tips that can help you rid yourself of the blues.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | November 30, 2012
Constructive feedback provided in time is an important constituent of employee motivation. Feedback, if given in the right way, can work wonders for an employee, and help boost his morale and performance. Here are some tips for you, as a small business owner, to provide impactful feedback to your employees.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | November 28, 2012
Firing an employee – due to any reason – is a difficult task, both for the organisation as well as the employee. This is a decision that can have far-reaching effects and, hence, must be handled effectively. Here are ten things you, as a small business owner, should avoid while firing an employee.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | November 27, 2012
Empowered employees are happy employees. They are motivated and productive employees. They are attached to the company. One of the best actions that a business management can, therefore, take is the empowerment of its employees.
Priya Iyer| The SupportBiz Bureau | October 30, 2012
Imagine if you have someone in your team who has wonderful managerial abilities, which are not being utilised in their current position at all. That is a pity right? All the more if you are looking for a manager, and are not able to find a good one. It is always a good idea to understand the hidden skills of your employees, and put them to good use, rather than hiring someone else and then training them to take on a particular post. Existing employees are already adjusted to the company culture and work styles, and hence, would be better fits.