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Five tips to control profanity at the workplace

Using profane language at the workplace is not only unprofessional, but it might give rise to problems between your employees. It might destroy team spirit and productivity, creating an atmosphere of resentment in the office.

Profanity is, therefore, best controlled at the workplace.

SupportBiz lists some tips to help you control profanity in your firm.

Set clear policies

Establish clear policies for your employees against the use of profanity. Describe in detail which phrases or words will not be accepted in the workplace, and what action will be taken against offenders.

Collect fines

It is a good idea to collect fines from your employees for using vulgar/swear words at the workplace. You could fix a predetermined sum of money for the fine, for each such offense. The fear of paying fines could help you control profanity, at least to a certain extent.

Hire a coach

Consider hiring a business coach to guide your employees in being well-behaved, and avoiding the use of profanity. Coaches can train your employees in the right way to behave in a professional setting.

Be strict

Be strict in the enforcement of your anti-profanity policies. Let your employees understand that no one can get away with using vulgar/swear words at the workplace. You could use an incremental punishment system for dealing with profanity – at the first couple of offenses, the concerned employee can be given a verbal warning. At the next instance, he/she can be given a written warning. If such behaviour still continues, you could take more severe steps like demotion or suspension.

Have a reward system

Another thing you could do is set up a reward system for those employees who do not indulge in profanity, and are at their best professional behaviour. Praise such employees in public, and use them as a model for appropriate behaviour.


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