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Four tips to get slow employees working

Employees who are slow in their work can have several detrimental effects on your business. Slow work by a few employees means a decline in overall productivity, missed deadlines, loss of morale and monetary losses.

SupportBiz lists four tips to get slow employees on track with the others in your organisation.

Determine causes

Have a detailed discussion with employees who are slow, and try to determine the reasons behind their low productivity. There could be several reasons behind an employee being slow in his/her work: lack of availability of tools necessary for work, low motivation, lack of interest in the job, lack of co-operation from other employees or lack of clear instructions. They might also be facing personal problems, which might be diverting their focus from work.

Once you are able to determine why a certain employee is slow in his/her work, you can take corrective measures accordingly.

Discuss expectations

Discuss clearly your expectations with such employees. Tell them, in no uncertain terms, about what you expect from them in terms of timelines and amount of work done. Express faith in their abilities in doing the said work within the specified time limits.

Set immediate deadlines

Instead of setting distant deadlines for slow employees, set ones that are more immediate. For instance, if you require a certain project to be completed by an employee over a period of three weeks, you can give him/her three deadlines of a week each to complete progressive parts of the entire task. Setting deadlines that are more immediate will create a sense of urgency among the employees, and inspire them to work harder towards reaching the deadlines.

Give fewer options

Giving an employee too many options - in terms of ways to achieve a certain task - might make him/her confused about the right direction to take. This will, in turn, slow down work. Instead, reduce the number of options that you provide to employees. Provide them with just enough options to give them freedom of choice and motivate them.


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