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Behut metalware industry declining

The metalware industry in the town of Behut, in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district, has failed to tap customers in the other parts of the country. It continues to remain a backward industry. The government needs to take some urgent measures to prevent it from decaying, according to manufacturers and traders.

The Behut metalware industry is a small one, having over 25 manufacturing units and employing about 300 people. This includes units that manufacture dustbin baskets, wind chimes, hangers and other metal-based products.

“We have been making metal-based products for the past many years; however, not many people know about this cluster. What we do is totally hand-work, and manufacturers here have been working hard to earn their livelihood,” said Sumeet Kumar, a manufacturer.

“We do not have much exposure to national and international markets, due to which the growth of our industry is limited,” he said.

“Neither are the manufacturers here aware of new techniques and technology, nor does the government want to help them in learning these,” he adds.

“The government should make groups and associations to help the manufacturers here take collective decisions for the benefit of the cluster. It should also start a learning center for the industrialists, and educate them about modern techniques and automation,” said Taniyat Kumar, another manufacturer.

“The government should also introduce the manufacturers to the national-level market,” he said.


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