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Price fluctuations hit Amravati cotton seed hub

Despite manufacturing a number of products, the cotton seed industry at in Maharashtra’s Amravati district has failed to make its mark in international markets.

The major reason  behind this is inflation and fluctuation in  prices, according to  manufacturers.

There are over 200 units in the industry,  manufacturing cotton-seed cakes that are used as fodder for cattle, soaps and cotton-seed cooking oil, among other products. Over 12,000 people are involved in this industry, which has a collective annual turnover of over Rs. 80 crore.

“The prices of  raw material keep on fluctuating due to  inflation. Even the manufacturers are not  aware of the latest prices of raw material. This leads to fluctuation in the prices of our finished products. These fluctuations lead to  losses to the manufacturers,” said Pralabh Kumar, one of the manufacturers.

“The industry also suffers from technological backwardness, ”  added Kumar.

“The industry exports products to various parts of the country, but  has not been able to make a mark in international  markets. Planned production and control over fluctuations in prices would help the manufacturers resolve these problems and  grow,” said Milan Kumar, another manufacturer.


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