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Manufacturers’ Association of Faridabad


The Manufacturers’ Association of Faridabad (MAF) was started in 1981 with the vision of representing the Faridabad-ba...Read More

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'Make In India' To Attract Investments In Heavy Industries

Sep 24, 2015
Department of Heavy Industry has collaborated with FICCI to be the lead agency to officially execute the partnership with Hannover...
Delhi-NCR Cluster

Effect of Indigenisation of Technology on Defence Preparedness

Aug 06, 2015
An active role in this endeavour; enhancing the potential of SMEs in the indigenisation and broadening the defence R&D base of the...
Delhi-NCR Cluster

Ankur Scientific Spells Success For Green Entrepreneurs

Feb 18, 2015
Vadodara-based Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies lights up India’s hinterlands with its biomass gasifiers. One of the forerun...
Delhi-NCR Cluster

Packaging Exhibition “INDPACK 2014” Attracts Broad Interest

Jan 20, 2014
The three-day exhibition was organized in a total area of 4500 square meters where about 90 exhibitors from across the country sho...
Delhi-NCR Cluster

MSME-DI To Organize Gold Appraiser Training Programme In Noida

Dec 27, 2013
As part of the program, MSME -Technology Development Institute will also help young entrepreneurs launch their own pawnbroker shop...
Delhi-NCR Cluster

Okhla industrial area losing sheen due to impending issues

Oct 18, 2013
The Okhla industrial area is one of the country’s earliest regions earmarked for exclusive industrial use. In accordance to the ...
Delhi-NCR Cluster

Vintron: Set to capture India surveillance market

Jul 26, 2013
Security and surveillance has become an important market in India. Delhi-based Vintron Informatics is aggressively trying to tap t...
Delhi-NCR Cluster

India should focus on exports, SMEs, logistics and labour law: Kant

Jul 17, 2013
Amitabh Kant, CEO & MD, Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Ltd. spelt out the challenges that need to be add...