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Vidhana Soudha

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Passion, Not Degree, Makes An Entrepreneur Successful

Oct 12, 2015
Christ University organizes panel discussion, on ‘entrepreneurial challenges’
Bangalore Cluster

Why should SMEs opt for right, but not cheap legal solutions? Sharda Balaji Explains

Oct 10, 2013
When it comes to spending on legal services, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often tend to choose a cheap solution rather than...
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MCube: A cloud-based telephony solution for SMEs

Aug 09, 2013
Every call is crucial for businesses as a call lost in the hassles of traditional telephony system would mean loss of a significan...
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Indian SMEs are yet to embrace advanced biz solutions: Vijaykumar

Jul 25, 2013
Most of the small scale businesses in the country are not quite ready yet to embrace technological opportunities for various reaso...
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Bridging the technological gap: Green Power Systems

Jul 01, 2013
When Mainak Chakraborty founded the Green Power Systems in 2010, the objective was pretty clear and it still remains to be so – ...
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Last-mile comfort for travelers: Taxiforsure

Apr 25, 2013
Online aggregator of taxis and car rentals in India, Taxiforsure, has formulated an agreement with This tie-up wil...
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Nualgi Nano Biotech builds solution to improve water quality

Aug 24, 2012
Nualgi Nano Biotech (NNB), a low profile biotech company here, is helping Americans to clean up polluted lakes. A three-acre Duck ...