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WB tiles hub faces shortage of water, coal

Scarcity of water and unavailability of coal at cheap prices is hampering the growth of the roofing tiles industry in Bankura, West Bengal. These factors have become major hurdles in the smooth flow of operations in the industry, according to manufacturers.

There are  about 198 firms in the industry, employing over 200 people. The  industry  largely manufactures tiles, and earns a collective annual turnover of  about Rs. 20 crore.

“Water and coal play key roles in the manufacturing of  tiles,  but neither of them  is  sufficiently available in the area.  Also, the price of coal is    quite high,” said Rajendra Nath, one of the manufacturers.

“This is a big industry that is entirely based on the availability of  basic components   like water and coal.  Despite presenting our demands   before the local corporation  several times,  we have failed to get  regular supply of water. The shortage of water really hampers  our production processes,” he said.

“The  lack of easy availability of water and coal  have stopped us from meeting  orders on time,” he added.

“There are other problems in the industry, too,  such as the use of obsolete technology, high dependence on labour, lack of innovation in  products  and the lack of  quality testing and a standardization system,  leading  to high breakage and  rejection rates. Also, there is no common centre for the procurement of clay,” said Moneet Sanyal, another manufacturer.