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Surendranagar bearing industry rising

The bearing manufacturing industry in Surendranagar, Gujarat, is fast emerging as a major one in the state. The turnover of the industry is increasing every year, according to the manufacturers.

“There are over 200 bearing manufacturing units in Surendranagar, most of which are small and medium-sized units. The collective turnover of the industry is over Rs. 50 crore, which has doubled in the past five years,” says Ashok Patel, owner of Bhakti Bearings Company.

This sector includes the manufacture of textile machinery parts, bearings and automobile bearings.

“The present turnover of my unit is over Rs. 1 crore, which is double than that of the previous year,” says Ashok.

“It is a growing industry, as there is a huge demand for the bearings made here,” he adds.

“However, manufacturers are facing various problems like lack of knowledge of export procedures and markets, unavailability of raw material, excessive dependence on large players, unwillingness to adopt new technologies from the world,” Patel quips.

“The government should take measures to remove the hurdles in the way of the success of the industry. We are working hard, and can achieve more if we are given guidance”, says Ritesh Patel, owner of Power Master Bearing Company.

“We should be given an opportunity to export our products to other parts of the world,” he says.’


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