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Solar cookers for community cooking at Shirdi

Flareum Technologies is a company providing solutions for both thermal and photovoltaic solar energy solutions. The company was incepted in 1998. SupportBiz spoke with, Badal Shah, CEO, Flareum Technologies. Edited excerpts:

“We have successful completed large solar systems deployments, such as the world’s largest solar steam cooker, cooking meals for over 50,000 people everdya at the Shirdi Sai Temple, Maharashtra and a 10 ton air conditioning system for Siemens, Bangalore,” Shah said.

How is the solar industry evolving in India? What are the key drivers?

The solar industry in India has grown many folds over the last few years. And since this industry is in a nascent stage, the potential for growth is huge. The key drivers of this segment are the rising costs of, and depleting, conventional fuels. With customers are becoming aware of environmental issues, the solar industry is gaining momentum.

What are the challenges ahead in this segment? 

The biggest challenge still being faced is the initial cost for any system. Though costs are reducing with innovations and technology, it has not reached a stage where everyone is comfortable with the costs. Also people have already made investments in conventional energy sources and the switch will seem heavy on their pockets.

W are the key advantages for consumers using solar powered products? 

The key advantage with using solar systems is the fact that it reduces the waste component. People have also understood that a renewable source of energy like sunlight is never ending. So scalability is taken care. The fuel is free, whereas the payback period for the instrument is very less, hence after a few years you actually earn from the solar equipment.

Do the upfront costs of solar systems pose a challenge for companies looking toadopt greener practices?

Yes, this has been and will be a challenge for some time. But if you look at the IT industry a similar situation existed when it started -- each system’s cost was huge but now everybody can afford a laptop or a desktop. Hence with innovation and technology the cost factor will be tackled. The awareness levels have increased  thanks to initiatives taken by the Government and various agencies to promote the benefits of solar and renewable energy.

What are your target segments? 

Flareum Technologies makes steam generating systems which can be used for applications such as steam cooking, solar air conditioning, drying and industrial steam generation. Corporates are our target segment for air conditioning, since air conditioning accounts for almost 60 percent of their electricity bills. Solar air-conditioning is a viable solution there.

The chemical, diary and processing industries have to rely on large amount of steam and hot water and  our product portfolio can add great value to their factories.

We provide a large variety of systems and applications in solar thermal systems, ranging from a single dish domestic solar cooker to large scale community cooking. Solar steam cooking is the best for solution for community cooking.