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Small town India facing beauty industry boom

Tier two and Tier three cities are becoming the preferred location for beauty salons, parlours and clinics.


Tier two and tier three cities have seen a sudden surge in the number of beauty salons, parlours and clinics in the last few years.

People in the smaller cities are now more loyal and willing to pay for beauty treatments, which has led to big names like L’Oreal, Dabur, Shahnaz Husain and other brands to flock towards these relatively smaller markets, reported The Economic Times.

Anand Burman, the Chairman of Dabur India, made several market visits in 2011. It was during these visits that Burman learnt about the growing market for beauty products and services in the relatively non-descript towns of India.

Sandeep Ahuja, the MD of VLCC Healthcare also added that, many women who regularly spent up to INR8, 000 on beauty treatments, frequented his salon in Bhatinda, a small town in Punjab.

Even when cosmetic and beauty products giant, L’Oreal hosted their “Look and Learn” seminar, more than 1,500 hair stylists from Ludhiana, another small town in Punjab, paid INR2,000 to be a part of the seminar.

This shows that small town India is emerging as a preferred location for premiere beauty services and products groups like Dabur, LOreal, Shahnaz Husain, Jawed Habib and VLCC.

One of the most well-known stylists of India, Jawed Habib said: “Once people have met their basic needs, their next immediate need is to look good. One trend that surprised him most was that in small towns, men and women are willing to consume beauty services sitting next to each other, which was not the case earlier.”

Ahuja also said that: “The beauty business is on a fairly dramatic upward swing. Though metros continue to grow, the tier two and three towns are throwing up real surprises.”