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Siliguri battery acid industry seeks govt help

Non-availability of raw material is leading to high prices and lower quality of products in the battery acid industry in Siliguri, West Bengal. This is also hampering the smooth work flow in the industry, according to industrialists.

There are over 70 micro units in the industry,  manufacturing battery acid and storage batteries. Over 1,000 people  work in this industry, which has  a collective annual turnover  of over Rs. 2 crore.

“This  is a very small industry,  which sells its products within the state of West Bengal only. Insufficient supply of raw material in Siliguri  leads not only  to high prices and low-quality  products, but  also  causes inadequate market development and improper utilisation of  machinery,” said Sondeep Banerjee, a manufacturer.

“There are other problems in the industry too, such as lack of modern machinery and skill upgradation,  absence of a testing facility, and lack of credit.  None of the industrialists have ever taken an  initiative to try and   deliver best quality products,” he said.

“All of the  industry’s problems can be solved if  an association is formed to motivate the industrialists to develop and promote their products and   upgrade technology,” stated Jeevan Sandhewal, another manufacturer.

“Regular supply of  sufficient  raw material should assured for the smooth running of the industry. The state government must also support the industry by helping manufacturers  resolve  their problems and  giving them subsidies to upgrade infrastructure,” he said.