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Shamli wheel industry lacks modern technology

Lack of awareness among the manufacturers regarding the benefits of using modern technology is causing the wheel making industry in the town of Shamli, Uttar Pradesh, to lag behind others in the country.

The industrialists are not ready to adopt  modern technology in their units, as they are not aware of the changes that can be brought  about by  doing so.

There are over 50 units in this industry, wherein  nearly 1,000 people  work. This industry  largely manufactures axles, rims and hubs of wheels, and earns  about Rs. 70 crore as collective annual turnover.

The industry  sells its  products in almost all North Indian states. It  earns  about 10%  of  its total turnover through exports.

“ This is an old industry, and I have been working in this sector for the past three decades. We have been using the same technology that we used to use 30 years back. We use a traditional furnace and other old manufacturing processes to make products. Neither have we changed the working techniques, nor have we added anything new in this industry,” says  Manohar Lal, one of the industrialists.

“We are earning our bread and butter, and are feeding our families through this business. We never tried our hands  on new technology, and do  not want to bring in any changes in the industry,” he says.

“We do not know  modern techniques of production or how to use  modern machinery, nor do we have any skilled workers who can use  such machinery efficiently,” says  Chaman Chauhan, another industrialist.

“We have not  introduced any diversification in  our range of products and do not provide  a very good environment to the workers, but it would be risky to install new machinery,  as we would have to find  new workers  and offer them higher wages in that case,” he says.

 “We have installed modern machinery in our  unit, and have realised that it reduces the cost of our products.   The state government must come forward  to train  the industrialists  in the adoption of modern technology by  making them aware of its benefits,” says  Vivek Kumar,  another industrialist, who has  installed  modern machinery in his  firm.