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Rajkot ceramics hub faces lack of quality raw material

The lack of availability of standardized raw material has been creating hurdles in the smooth flow of work in the ceramics industry in Trajpar town, Rajkot district, Gujarat.

This has also been causing a decline in  the growth  of the industry, leading it to lose its charm.

The industrialists are struggling  to  improve the sale of their products, due to the shortage of high-quality raw material.

The industry largely produces sanitaryware, floor tiles, walls tiles and decoration pieces.

There are over 600 units in this industry,  employing  nearly 2,000 people. It earns  about Rs. 3,000 crore as collective annual turnover.

The industry exports its products to various countries  like USA, Canada and the Middle East.

“The most concerning  issue that we face is the lack of availability of high-standard raw material. We have to pay more to get standardized material from other parts of the state. It is  crucial that we  get standardized  raw material, as there is a high rate of rejection in this industry,” says  Anuj Desai, one of the manufacturers.

“Clients reject the products if they find them  to be of low quality.  Such  products are accepted neither  in the international markets nor  in the local markets. Hence, we have to be very careful while selecting  material and manufacturing products,” says  Sumit Kumar, another industrialist.

“We have to work hard to avoid  rejection in this business. Despite a lack  of modernised machinery, we have  managed to build clients  abroad  too, and  have succeeded in making  them happy with our good quality products,” says Bimal Kumar, another industrialist.

“The state government must start a testing laboratory to test the quality of  finished products.  This will help us  reduce wastage.   Through this measure, not only will the quality of production be enhanced,  but  our businesses would also  grow,” says  Jaimal Singh, another industrialist.