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Rains damage cotton crop in Punjab, Haryana

Unexpected rains in Punjab and Haryana have damaged a significant portion of the cotton crop, flattening the hopes of farmers in the two states, according to cotton growers from those states. However their respective agricultural departments term the losses as negligible.

Earlier this year,  farmers were worried after delays in harvesting and sowing of cotton seed across north India threatened India's overall cotton yeild. "But now, these unexpected rains have left us with very little hope," said Rakesh Rathi, president, North India Cotton Processing Association.

"We expected this year's / this season's yield to be better than last year's, however changes in climatic conditions   changed the entire situation," rathi said.

“We were happy to see the rains and did not water the fields for many days. but excess rainfall has damaged the crop," said Jamshed Singh, a Bathinda, Punjab-based farmer.

"We cannot quantify the loss as yet. the cotton advisory committee will meet on October 4, in mumbai, to deliberate on the same, said Rathi

Cotton farmers in India face several problems such as the government's inability to declare a minimum purchase Price for cotton on time, leading to high prices of yarn, said Rathi.

“Unexpected rains in past few days have flattened the cotton crop. But it would not affect yield. It would definitely affect the quality of cotton,” said R.S.Singh, a professor at the cotton breeding department at the Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

Punjab and Haryana have not received adequate rainfall, said Surinder Paul, an official at Chandigarh's metrological department. "Winds might have flattened the crops. But according to the state’s agricultural department, there has been negligible damage to the cotton crop”, Paul said.