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Patna bulbs to light up western world

The incandescent bulb manufacturing industry in Patna, Bihar, is all set to export its products to western countries. The industry already exports its products to various Asian countries.

There are over 100 units in the industry,  which manufacture bulbs and  miniatures. Over 5,000 people work in this industry,  collectively earning  an annual turnover  of nearly Rs.4 crore.  “We  sell our products to almost all  parts of the country, and to various other Asian countries too,    like Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. We are looking forward to export to western countries  like USA, UK and Canada too,” said Chanderkant, one of the industrialists.

“We can export our products to other countries  more efficiently if we are given support by the government. We are often not able to meet the standards that are required to export  products to western countries,” he said.

“We  face  various problems such as  lack of innovation and better designing  of products. The government has not provided the industrialists with  good infrastructure,  which adversely affects the process of manufacturing and results in  low productivity. There are no testing facilities  in the industry, too,” said Dhiraj Kumar, another industrialist.

“The government must provide subsidies to the industrialists to help them in installing modern technology. It should also start a training institute   to help the labourers  understand  the use of modern technology,” he said.