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Patna brass hub riddled with challenges

Lack of financial support from the state government and its agencies has been causing problems in the smooth running of the brass utensil manufacturing industry in the town of Parseo in Patna district, Uttar Pradesh.

Most of the units in this industry are micro  ones, and need financial support from the state government to sustain  themselves. There is no support available  to the industry,  due to which most of the industrialists are not ready to expand their business.

There are over 500 units in the industry,  employing  nearly 2,000 people belonging to the same area.  These units earn  almost Rs. 20 crore as collective annual turnover.  They manufacture utensils using brass metal,  which are sold in several other states of the country.

“One of the major problems that we face is that we do not have much financial power to invest a lot in the industry. We cannot afford to invest much, and improve the condition of the industry. We do not have any machinery and modern tools,  and have been working in the  same conditions for the past two decades,” says  Kapil Kumar, one of the industrialists.

“There are no proper infrastructure facilities  available to us and the workers.  There has been  no addition to the industry  infrastructure for a long time,” he says.

“The main reason for the shortage of  funds is the absence of banks and governmental agencies in the area. There is just one bank  here,  and hence, there is a  shortage of schemes for the industrialists. One bank cannot provide funds to everybody.  Moreover,  a lot time is required to complete the necessary paperwork and other formalities,” says  Prateek Kumar, another industrialist.

“ There are several other things in the industry, too, that need  improvement.   For instance, the quality of raw material, the lack of testing laboratories,  transporters and marketing facilities in the area,” says  Sanjeev Chaudhary, another industrialist.