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Parent counselling is key aspect of natal care

Gurgaon-based Aryan Hospital was established in 1984. In an interaction with SupportBiz, Dr.Vikram Aryan, the founder, shared some trends about the evolving healthcare industry in India. Edited excerpts:

How is the healthcare segment evolving in India?

The healthcare segment in India is evolving very fast. Past few years have been extremely vibrant in this segment. We have observed more and more personalised approach in handling patients. Hospitals are becoming more advanced in terms of infrastructure; hospitality and presentability of the hospitals are among the key priorities. Hospitals are adopting a corporate like of environment. 

What are the key challenges that need to be addressed in this industry?

There are plenty of challenges. Healthcare services are still considered to be unreachable by a majority of all people in our country. Hospitals and healthcare institutions have to reach out to the maximum possible people in order to deliver the kind of healthcare service which they require.

Apart from this, right form of awareness regarding healthcare is a key challenge in our society. Specially in the area of new born care, post natal care and parenting tips, people do not have much clarity on the kind of care that is required. We have selected this area and are building our skills around this. We will be interacting with patients and will be counselling them on these subjects.

What is the key focus for Aryan Hospital?

Aryan Hospital was started in 1984 as a small clinic. Now it is a 100-bed multispecialty hospital.  Our speciality areas are ENT, orthopaedics, gynaecology, surgery and medicine.  

In the area of counselling what are your plans?

We have already organized in-house counselling sessions for parents and young couples on post natal and parenting classes. The session was led by experienced doctors who provided extensive knowledge about child birth and new born care.

The sessions have addressed the ways to handle pre natal and post natal stress, followed by expert tips on the diet practice that should be followed, among other things. In these sessions, we also present, interesting case studies and this whole session is conducted as an interactive forum.

How do you look at achieving growth for your hospital? Are you looking at the franchise model for achieving growth for your hospital?

At this moment, we are looking at organic growth. We have strengthened our presence in the existing facility. We have upgraded our surgery infrastructure. We have an international standard operation theatre. We will be looking at entering a new location once we decide that we can add value to the local population. We will be looking at this option of launching a new hospital in or around Gurgaon next year.

How do you look at standardization for your hospital?

We are planning to apply for NABH accreditation. We are already working on this and very soon we will be applying for the same.

What will be the key areas where you will be focusing in 2013?

The market is rapidly changing. We will be investing heavily on soft skills development among our employees. We have understood that patients of today are expecting better handling, more attention and more care. As a hospital or healthcare institution it is our duty to make sure that expectations of our patients get fulfilled. 


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