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Organic India: From micro unit to a global success story

Organic India cultivates, manufactures and markets organic foods and spices across India, the US, Europe, Australia and South Africa. SupportBiz caught up with Krishan Kumar, MD and global CEO, Organic India, who highlighted the factors that scripted their success story.

Edited excerpts of the interview:

How has been your business journey so far?

Organic India started as a micro business unit and cleared successfully the phase of being a small business and reached the level of a medium sized business. The journey so far has been absolutely motivating and enlightening. We are graduating towards becoming a large company. So as a matter of fact, we have witnessed the entire journey from micro to large.

Your observations on the business conditions for India’s MSMEs…

MSMEs are eight to 10 times more labour intensive as compared to large companies. They are the most important component of the supply chain for any large business. MSMEs create a trade balance in the economy. They are the biggest generator of employment in India. All these factors make this sector one of the most well discussed sectors in trade discussions.

What is the core philosophy of Organic India, which bought positive results in business?

Our commitment towards enabling an ecosystem of sustainable development for all beings through organic agriculture is our growth engine. Our business model is designed in a way that we give back to the society, only what is good for society. Preserving mother nature through organic farming is the biggest driver for us. 

What are the flagship product segments for your business?

We are strong believers of standards. We ensure that our products adhere to ethical standards which leads to their acceptance not only in India but also worldwide. We cultivate, process, manufacture and market certified organic tulsi teas, herbal supplements, psyllium, castor oil, ayurvedic and medicinal herbs and many other organic foods and organic spices. We ensure quality and standards and our products are widely accepted in the international markets.

You have established a global business. Please share your experiences in expanding your global footprints…

We are a global leader in promoting organic products in 33 countries worldwide. We also have a presence across India. We are the seventh largest brand in the US and the second fastest growing brand in the US. We have achieved this kind of recognition because of our core business policy which is about sustainable development -- ensuring the safety of nature through organic farming. We ensur international quality standards are maintained through out the entire production process. All our manufacturing facilities and processing centres have been awarded SQF, HACCP, GMP, ISO-9001 and Kosher certifications, and are EU, Skal, ECO-Cert and USDA certified for organic production.

Our processing methods are designed innovatively and we use advanced dehydration technologies to ensure best possible retention of potency and nutritional values. This shows our commitment levels towards sustainable development.

You compete with large companies in the retail market. What is your experience in this category?

Competing with large companies can be successful for the SME if they focus on quality and ensuring standards. Our experience in the market says that consumers are not looking for cheap products. Consumers expect great value for their money. We managed to tap this gap and hence we have a success story to share.

What would you like to recommend to peers on this?

I would like to recommend that MSMEs should avail of government schemes in order to establish themselves in the market. They must explore the right knowledge in this direction. In terms of ensuring quality and adopting innovate processes, MSME owners must interact with others. Networking can be an effective tool for sketching out the roadmap for success.